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Cost to Adopt from India

1. For Families Thru International Adoption, Inc.'s services:   $ 5,800
  $200 due with application    
  $2,800 due with submission of dossier    
  $2,800 due with acceptance of a referral    

International Fees:



CARA Prescribed orphanage fee & maintenance

  For staff in India, development projects and maintenance of program, licensing, expenses for staff when traveling to India, additional humanitarian aid work. $5,500  
  Total International Fees   $9,000

Please note that no part of the international fee is refundable. One-half of the total fee is payable upon acceptance of a referral of a child and the remaining one-half is payable when you receive Clearance from Indian courts.


Estimated Travel Costs:



Airfare - your home to India and return (1 person-double for two adults). These fees can vary depending on where you travel, length of trip, and when you travel. Airfare can be as low as $1,000 and as much as $2,800.


Inside India travel (hotels, flights in India, add approx. $500 for second parent traveling)


Other expenses (tips, departure taxes, etc.)

$   200  

Meals in India ($250 for one, $500 for two persons)

$   250  
  Approx. travel costs (1 person/5-7 days)   $ 3,750

You will also purchase a one-way return flight ticket for your child which usually costs approximately 10% of your round-trip airfare to India. A one-way ticket purchased at approximately 10% of the regular cost does not include a separate seat. If you want your child under two years old to have a separate seat it is usually between 50 - 70% of the adult fare for the one-way international fare. Children two years old and older must have their own seat.

$   160

Child's Visa Fee

$   400  

Child's Medical Exam

$   200  

Approx. travel costs for child

  $    760
  Approximate Total Cost: (one parent traveling)   $19,310
  Approximate Total Cost: (married couple traveling)   $21,860

Other costs will include:

  1. Home study: Generally, the cost will be between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on the agency you choose and your state of residence. It is possible that the costs for some states may exceed these amounts.
  2. CIS fees - $720 I-800A filing fee, plus $85 per adult for biometrics/fingerprinting. 
  3. Cost of the domestic adoption: Your child will travel to the U.S. under a guardianship, then you must immediately file for a domestic adoption under your state's domestic adoption law. Costs vary significantly across the U.S., ranging from $750 to $5,000. To locate an attorney, check the website of American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (www.adoptionattorneys.org), which we recommend.
  4. India requires post-placement reports quarterly for the first 2 years after a child arrives home and then semi-annually for the next 3 years. The first 3 post placement reports must be completed by a licensed social worker, preferably the same social worker who completes the home study. These post-placement reports address your child(ren)'s bonding with the family, physical health development, social development, educational development and plans, and extended family relationships. Your home study agency should be familiar with these requirements. If after the third social worker report things are going smoothly with the adoption, the remaining reports may be completed by the adoptive family. After completing the adoption in your local court and filing the N-600 to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship for your child, India requires that a copy of the Adoption Decree be sent to CARA.

We want to remind you that these fees are approximate. While Families Thru International Adoption's Agency Fee will not change during your adoption proceedings, all other fees and costs are subject to change. Based on our experience, we do not expect any substantial change. The travel costs to and from India and inside India vary every trip depending on when you travel and where in India you will adopt, the availability of hotels, and the type of hotel you select. It is not expected that any of the other fees or expenses will be waived or reduced.








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