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Cost to Adopt from China


For Families Thru International Adoption, Inc.'s services:

  1. $200 due with application
  2. $2,800 due with submission of authenticated dossier
  3. $2,800 due with acceptance of a referral

(The FTIA agency fee is $5,000 when adopting a Waiting Child, this consists of $200 due with application, $2,800 due with submission of authenticated dossier and $2,000 due with acceptance of a referral).



Orphanage Donation (Payable in China)
This amount is donated to the orphanage in China for the care of the children. The fee is determined by which province the child is living in. This fee is 35,000 RMB (Chinese currency); US dollar amount is an estimation based upon the current exchange rate. Please note this number can fluctuate due to changes in the exchange rate.



  Donation for China Foster Care and Humanitarian Aid $500  

Estimated Travel Costs:


Travel costs can vary depending on the time of year.

Airfare - Your home to China and return (1 person) These fees can vary depending on where and when you travel. Families have paid as low as $1,000 and as much as $2,000 in the past two years.



Inside China travel (hotels, flights in China, ground transportation, guides, tips, etc.)

(For second adult add approx. $1500)


Meals in China ($250 for one, $500 for two persons)


Approximate travel costs (1 person/12 days)



Fees Paid to CCAA for Dossier Processing:

China Center of Adoption Affairs Fee

This fee (along with $2,800 of the agency fee) is to be submitted with your dossier by a separate check made payable to "FTIA". This covers CCCWA service, translation, and handling fees for your dossier and post-placement reports. We wire transfer most of this fee directly to the CCCWA bank account in China. (When adopting a Waiting Child, this fee is reduced to $670; however, CCCWA also charges $80 PA fee for Waiting Child.)



Fees Paid in China:

Notaries/Legal fees (approximate): (Payable in China)
These fees will vary by province.







Passport/Service fees (for your child's passport)


Medical Exam and Visa Photos in Guangzhou (Payable in China)


Total China Fees





Total approx. Cost (1 person traveling)


Total approx. Cost (married couple traveling)


Other costs will include:

  1. Home study: Generally, the cost will be between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on the agency you choose and your state of residence. It is possible that the costs for some states may exceed these amounts.
  2. CIS fees - $720 I-800A filing fee, plus $85 per adult for biometrics/fingerprinting. With the current timeframe for receiving a referral from China, it is likely families will have to re-file the I-800A and be re-fingerprinted. You will also pay a $404 visa fee to CIS (plus $30 courier fee) prior to travel.
  3. After securing the documents to be included in your China dossier, you will send them to your Secretary of State's office to have the state seal affixed to them, and then to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate for purposes of having the Chinese seal affixed to them prior to sending the documents to China. It has been our experience that the fees and costs associated with this procedure run approximately $500 - $700 depending on the number of documents necessary for your adoption and whether you choose an express shipping service.
  4. The inside China travel costs are based on one parent traveling. Costs for both parents or a second person traveling: the inside China travel costs will be lower per person and the airfare will double.
  5. The Chinese Embassy/Consulates charge $140 for a visa to China. Each person traveling needs to obtain a visa. If you use a courier service to apply for your visa, you will also pay a fee for their service.
  6. You will also purchase a one-way return-flight lap ticket for your child, which usually costs approximately 10% of your round-trip airfare to China. If your child is more than two years of age, or you want to purchase an actual seat for your child who is under two years of age, the ticket will cost more.
  7. FTIA makes travel arrangements for families to travel to China (usually in groups). A surcharge of $300 applies when the adoptive parents take an additional traveler with them to China.
  8. After your adoption China requires 6 post placement reports, you will be required to send in post placement reports that are typically prepared by whomever completed your home study. The post placement reports generally vary in cost from $100 to $300 each.
  9. There may be additional costs after your adoption to register or readopt your child according to your state laws. To learn about your state laws visit: Child Welfare Information Gateway - Summary of Laws Regarding International Adoption.

We want to remind you that these fees are approximate. While Families Thru International Adoption's Agency Fee will not change during your adoption proceedings, all other fees and costs are subject to change. The travel costs to and from China and inside China vary every trip depending on when and where in China you will adopt, the availability of hotels, etc. It is not expected that any of the other fees or expenses will be waived or reduced.








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