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On September 1, 2010, the CCAA began a new program called "Special Focus" children which allows agencies to request a few children's files from the Shared Program to be held by an agency for 3 months exclusively in order to allow the agency time to advocate for these children. From time to time, we will become aware of children that we would like to advocate for and will request that their files be added to our agency list.

Families do not have to already have their dossiers logged in (LID) in order to commit to a Special Focus child. Families should be able to submit their dossier within 6 months after committing, however.

We have been given the files of the Special Focus children listed below in order to find families for them. If you are interested in reviewing one of these children's files, please fill out our application and fax it to us, indicating which child you are interested in. You will not be officially applying with FTIA at this time. We will then send you the child's file to review. Should you decide to go forward with adopting the child, you would then submit your original signed application along with the application fee. The process to lock a Special Focus child's file will be the same as the Shared File process.

Also, please be sure to see the children in our Jing Yi program as some of their files will also be designated as Special Focus.



Summer is a beautiful 10 year old girl who came to the orphanage when she was just a few days old.  She has been living with the same foster family since 2005, but reports that she would like to be adopted internationally.   She goes to 4th grade in the community and has friends through school that she often goes home with to play or for celebrating holidays.  She has high myopia and strabismus, so has difficulty seeing the board at school and has trouble learning to read and write; however she has good study habits and will work with her foster mother and sister in her spare time to better understand her assignments.  She prefers Chinese, and she can recite the text, can write synonyms and antonyms, can make up idioms, can write sentences according to the requirements; on math, apart from the multiplication-division, she can so some simple story problem; on English, she can read the text, read the simple daily used words, can say some English fruits words, like apple, orange, banana and such.

Summer has a ready smile, likes watching TV, can sing songs and dance with the music. She likes having computer classes, can do some small games with computer, can type words with Pinyin slowly; she likes outdoor activity, and her favorite color is yellow.

It appears as thought there was a concern that Summer had Down’s Syndrome when she was one year old and a chromosome test was done.  The results seem to indicate she does not have DS (per review by an international adoption physician) and the orphanage said they would be willing to have another test done should a family request it.  However the diagnosis of DS has been included in her medical records.

Summer is considered a Special Focus child, so married couples or singles could commit to her without having a dossier already logged in.








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