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A Child's Plea

A Child's Plea is a project born in our hearts to assist in locating a family for one or more very special children whose needs are pressing, that is, the time period to locate a family is nearing an end and/or that child has a medical condition which requires immediate treatment. Through this project, FTIA has made a special commitment to waive all the agency fees for the family adopting the featured child in this project.

A Child's Plea Fund

As a result, a fund is also now in place to assist with adoption costs or needed medical costs for the featured child or for another Waiting Child for whom a donor has contributed funding. This fund is made available through donors who share the same concern we do for Waiting Children. Through this fund, donors provide some funding to support adoption costs or medical care for a given Waiting Child. If you would like to make a donation, please send your donation to FTIA (marked "A Child's Plea"), 400 Bentee Wes Court, Evansville, IN 47715 with a cover letter, informing us if you have a specific child in mind or you are contributing to the "A Child's Plea" fund in general. We are hopeful that as a result of this fund, many Waiting Children can quickly receive the care they need.


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