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We know your adoption destination.

Every adoption is a journey of the heart and involves a lifelong commitment to another human being. Families Thru International Adoptions shares this commitment to children and adopting families. We also understand that like all great journeys, picking the right guide for an international adoption can make all the difference. Over the past decade thousands of happy families have benefited from Families Thru International Adoption’s wealth of experience in international adoption. In the confusing and rapidly changing world of international adoption, FTIA’s experienced staff members are ready to serve and assist families throughout the adoption journey.

We have the guidebook.

We have compiled an authoritative guidebook to adoption for each of the countries in which we work. Equipped with this knowledge, families save time throughout the adoption process. In addition, FTIA families have access to the most current and accurate information from both a personal adoption coordinator and through the online MyFTIA Track Your Adoption website. Our commitment to placing children in permanent, loving homes continues with support, education and guidance even after families come home.

We have the right team.

Our staff members include adoptive parents, adult adoptees and team members who have lived and worked overseas. With offices in several states and foreign countries, we have an experienced team capable of guiding your family through the adoption process.

We are accredited.

FTIA is one of only a few international agencies with full COA accreditation, the highest accreditation possible for international child service agencies. FTIA is also fully Hague accredited by the United States Department of State.

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Humanitarian Aid

Families Thru International Adoption is involved in both developmental projects – aimed at changing or improving child welfare systems for long term service to children, and humanitarian aid – aimed at more short term goals of serving children in crisis.

Consistent with FTIA’s mission of serving children, our development projects and humanitarian aid have incorporated many different means of assistance including flood and hurricane relief, orphanage construction, providing medical surgeries for children, providing medical supplies for clinics, providing food and education materials to orphanages, sponsoring children to attend school to keep them with their families and off the street, creating foster care programs, providing professional training, and many, many more.

Ways You Can Help:

  1. Supporting our China Foster Care Programs.
  2. Sponsoring street children in Uganda to attend a Christian Boarding School.
  3. Contribute to Childvision projects.
  4. Support our Waiting Children program by contributing to "A Child's Plea" fund.
  5. Making a general donation to support FTIA’s humanitarian aid & development projects in the many countries where we work.

Everyone donating to our projects will receive a letter of acknowledgement and thanks for their donation for tax purposes.

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Families Thru International Adoption, FTIA, is a state licensed Not-For-Profit International Adoption Agency. FTIA has helped families adopt from China, Russia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nepal, Brazil, Kazakhstan, & Azerbaijan. FTIA is a member of Joint Council for International Children's Services (JCICS), Hague Accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services, Inc. (COA), member of Children Charities of America and Independent Charities of America.
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