Nicole Kidman and Her Story Of Adoption – Are you still considering about adopting children? Despite all the researches you have done, things are not settled yet. In this case, Nicole Kidman might be your inspiration. She adopted two children during her marriage with Tom Cruise. How does Nicole handle all the ups and downs?
– Why Did She Choose To Adopt?
If you are looking for Nicole Kidman’s family information in the internet, you will find that she actually has her biological kids. So what’s with the adoption? In case you don’t know, Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise. Keith Urban is her second husband. She was in her twenties when she decided to marry Tom.

Having a child is always her dream. Unfortunately, she got early miscarriage. The whole experience gave her hard time. Still, her yearning desire to hold children is burning. After discussing with Tom Cruise, both come to agreement about adopting. Soon after, they welcome Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise to the family.

What Happen With The Perfect Family?
Things went well for Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in their early marriage life. At that time, both were super in love with each other. Even public seems to give their blessing to the couple just as people love the fresh air offered by online gambling games in . They raise their children well together and even attended several important occasions with their children. It is almost like a real family bonded by blood.

Unfortunately, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise decided to end their relationship for good reasons. Still, they take turn to take care of their children. It was not until recent years that hot wind blows. Nicole was reported to have broken relationship with her two children. The news get louder as both join Scientology, a controversial church in which Tom Cruise take part.

Probably thing won’t get worse if she could attend Connor’s Marriage with Olivia, who is also a member of Scientology. There have been speculations that Tom Cruise gave the instruction to Connor; don’t invite your mother.
Nicole Kidman, the news subject, responds for the first time. Please note that Nicole rarely opens up about her recent or past relationship. In latest interview, she mentioned that she respects her children decision. She also adds that she will be available to support them as always.

Being adoptive parents have its sad and happy story. Just like Nicole Kidman who decided to adopt children after her early miscarriage, you need to be prepared for the good and bad. Make sure you could give your support and love whatever path they will choose later.