There are a lot of factors that can simply determine if you are eligible to have an adopted kid or not. However, the most important one is the history or the track record that you have. For your information, the track record that you have will surely determine is you are eligible to have an adopted kid or not. You need to also know that there are three things that will be tracked from the history of your life. Here are some of them.

Personal Histories

The first one is the child abuse history. When you are talking about the child abuse history, both of the parents who want to adopt the kid will be fully checked if there are any cases related with the child abuse. As an addition to that, the fact that a kid might have similar case is also one thing that will be considered. Therefore, even if you have no track record of abusing a kid, you will also be checked if you were abused as a child. That is because that thing can simply affect the judgment of the parents over their adopted kid. The next one is the criminal record. It is also one thing that will be checked. For this one, you will not need to worry that much about the criminal record that you have because most of the American people have a criminal record even if it just a parking ticket. However, there are also some kinds of criminal records that cannot be tolerated so that you need to know that if you have one over your name.

The last one is the marital history. You need to understand that marital history is one thing that the law will consider from your option to adopt a kid. That is because if you have failed some marriages, you might not be able to adopt a kid, especially from a foster care. However, if you do not have any outstanding case related with your marital history, you are good to go and adopt a kid. For your information, in some states in America, you are also able to adopt a kid even if you are single or have a domestic partner. Therefore, you might want to check the detailed rules about the marital status that you have before you decide to adopt a kid since the rules and the policies are different between one states with another states.